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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

If you’re not having fun with your training, you’re going to quit. So have fun! That’s the sort of simple, no-BS message that dominates the fitness philosophy of Rob MacDonald. You might know him better as Bobby Maximus, former UFC fighter and general manager of Gym Jones. Call him Rob, or call him Bobby, but just don’t call him coach, as he believes that title is reserved for those who have guided you to a place you couldn’t have gone yourself.

MacDonald is raw, unfiltered, and straight to the point. He likes his steaks enormous, his barbells bending, and his workouts brutally intense. But don’t think that means he lacks a softer side. He and Shane Trotter speak at length about his views on meditation, how he shapes his thoughts through the “green dot” concept, and the importance of being kind to each other. MacDonald also explains why fitness professionals need to spend a lot more time learning from each other, instead of putting each other down.