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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

If the statistics surrounding the obesity crisis weren’t scary enough already, all indications are that our kids are going to fare even worse. Ubiquitous technology and a society that has long neglected and forgotten the needs of the body have created the unhealthiest generation in American history.

One of the...

Nov 27, 2017

On the first edition of Breaking Muscle Presents: The Fight Strength Podcast (NSFW), hosts Phil Daru and Jason Burgos interviewed strength and conditioning coach Nicholas Davenport.
Davenport is the founder and director of programming at Mind Body 1. He is also an adjunct professor at Broward College. As a longtime...

Nov 20, 2017

A decade ago on YouTube, one of the very first viral videos was of an impossibly muscled man who called himself “Hannibal for King.” In that video, he does equally impossible things on pull up bars and playground equipment in a park in Harlem. Five hundred miles away in North Carolina, a young, aspiring filmmaker...

Nov 17, 2017

Welcome to the second installment of the Socially Conscious Squatter Show. Here we examine the intimate link between fitness, health, and the issues of our time.

Our society is in deep need of authentic support systems and outlets that promote physical expression and health. In a world increasingly at odds with adult...

Nov 7, 2017

Antonio Squillante, Giulio Palau, and Ted Sloan - 3 young stars of the coaching world - talk about the topics and subjects that matter in strength and conditioning. For athletes, enthusiasts, and coaches alike.