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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

May 23, 2019

Our guest for this episode is Eric Bach. Eric describes himself as a bacon, bourbon, coffee connoisseur, and overly invested sports fan. For a decade has helped high school, college, and pro athletes. Helps guys to build confident, strong, athletic bodies. Works both in-person and online.

Eric has tried all the industry BS gimmicks. Discovered they didn’t work and has boiled his training down to the following motto… “Success lies in the relentless pursuit of the basics.”

In the episode, we discuss the basics of building an athletic and aesthetic physique, the key muscle building habits you need to know, common mistakes most lifters are making, how fast you can realistically build muscle, and a whole bunch more.

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Your host Tom MacCormick is a personal trainer and online coach whose goal is to be the curator of the greatest hypertrophy experts on the planet. If you are interested in working with Tom or finding out more about him then follow him on Instagram @tommaccormick or visit his website