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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

In this episode, I’m delighted to be joined by Jamie Lewis to discuss the history of strength training.

Incredibly the origins go back a couple of thousand years, and much of what people were doing back then still holds now. So there undoubtedly are many lessons to be learned by doing your history homework.

Jamie describes himself as a cultural history nerd wrapped in tattoo-covered muscle.

He has a passion for history and holds a BA in History and East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona, an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics, and an iMBA from The University of South Carolina.

This passion for history, combined with his love of lifting (in 2012, he set an all-time, all-federation WR powerlifting total of 1,620 for a 181 pounder, making him the go-to guy when it comes to investigating training history.

During this fascinating interview, Jamie displays a near-encyclopedic knowledge of everything training-related from around 1,600 BC to the modern day

So often, we can learn so much by looking back. This episode will undoubtedly provide you with jaw-dropping stories of how people used to train, the social, political, and economic pressures that drove physical culture at different stages of humanity, and why, with all the advantages we currently enjoy, it’s a crime so many humans are in such bad health.

I had a ton of fun on this interview and have no doubt Jamie’s infectious personality will grab your attention and inspire you to demand more of yourself.

If you’d like to know more about Jamie, look on his website or Instagram @plagueofstrength.