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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

May 25, 2017

The pursuit of health and fitness is as ever-changing as humanity itself, and Greg Walsh has devoted his life to leading that change in a meaningful direction. With a background as a BMX-racing, punk-rock-listening counter-culturalist, he’s developed a unique ability to look at common problems and see uncommon solutions. Formerly a CrossFit box owner on the West Coast, Greg has honed his ideas into a system that now resides at Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, New York.
Greg talks to us today about hammers, maces, positional accountability, what subversive fitness really means, and the importance of only doing the things that matter in the gym. You’ll walk away with some brand new viewpoints on your own practice. If you have any comments or questions for the show, go ahead and shoot us an email.
For more information on Greg and his system, check out Wolf Brigade on Instagram.