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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Aug 15, 2019

Borge Fagerli’s background as an engineer and later on as an entrepreneur and CEO has enabled him to put his methods into a step-by-step system that can transform your health, appearance and your performance – both mentally and physically.

Borge has been in the industry for over 20 years and is the creator of  “Myo-reps” – one of the most time-efficient and effective training strategies to build muscle.

As a 45-year-old father and business owner, Borge is an expert on how busy guys can achieve exceptional results without having to sacrifice their lifestyle.

In this episode, we go in-depth on:

  • What causes muscle to grow
  • Effective reps
  • Junk volume
  • Maximizing your return on investment with training
  • Myo-reps

And a shocking revelation about him!

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Your host Tom MacCormick is a personal trainer and online coach whose goal is to be the curator of the greatest hypertrophy experts on the planet. If you are interested in working with Tom or finding out more about him then follow him on Instagram @tommaccormick or visit his website