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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Nov 17, 2017

Welcome to the second installment of the Socially Conscious Squatter Show. Here we examine the intimate link between fitness, health, and the issues of our time.

Our society is in deep need of authentic support systems and outlets that promote physical expression and health. In a world increasingly at odds with adult play and communities that bond through activity, Chicago Primal Gym is an oasis.

Sean Griffin is the founder of CPG, and he’s created a masterful example of a fitness tribe. His kettlebell-based gym has thrived as an inspired community dedicated to a belief in strength with a greater purpose. Sean and Shane Trotter explore the elements of a strong, attractive, and passionate community. Sean contends that it starts with the team, the values, and the vision, and makes a strong case for why you must be willing to identify and stand by your beliefs.

They also discuss the intentional climate of support, landmark celebration, and challenge that form the backbone of building a tribe. For Chicago Primal Gym, kettlebells are the tool of choice, but people come away with so much more. They feel strong, connected through a common cause, and pulled towards a lasting, positive community. They are drawn into a deeper conversation about all elements of their life. CPG has mastered culture and this episode is sure to inspire and direct the discussion as to how these most necessary communities can flourish.