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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

Joe Bennett, AKA the Hypertrophy Coach, is joining me. Joe has developed a thriving fitness business focused on his passion for muscle building and working with people he loves coaching.  

During the show, Joe maps out his journey from young meathead to expert status.

If you want to build a career around your passion, find your niche, work with people you like, and have time for family life, you need to listen to this episode.

Joe doesn’t offer short-cuts or hacks, but his advice is full of genuine advice that could help you develop the business and lifestyle you want.

Joe goes into tremendous detail on these key topics that will help you to level up your fitness business:

  1. Leveraging your passion
  2. Learning by doing
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  4. Social media strategies to gain buyers, not just followers

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Your host Tom MacCormick is a personal trainer and online coach whose goal is to be the curator of the greatest hypertrophy experts on the planet. If you are interested in working with Tom or finding out more about him then follow him on Instagram @tommaccormick or visit his website