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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Aug 28, 2017

When you grow up as an undersized kid who’s determined to play football, you’d better find an advantage and find it quick, or you’re going to get destroyed. For David Weck, his stature and a botched elbow surgery were exactly the right set of circumstances to teach him to use his brain to overcome his lack of brawn.

David’s ability to look at the game from different angles matured into a fascination with biomechanics and movement efficiency. The root of efficiency is balance, and so he invented the BOSU ball to help develop more powerful, efficient athletes. Today, his passion is locomotion, and his work in running mechanics is breaking ground in a field that hasn’t made much measurable progress in decades.

When the only thing that matters is getting to the finish line first, harnessing the entire human machine is essential for maximum performance. David’s work with Cal Poly has led to remarkable breakthroughs in already well-trained athletes, and what we’re witnessing now is just the beginning of how he might change the running industry as a whole.