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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Dec 20, 2020

The word legend is thrown around too often, but in this episode, we are genuinely joined by a legend of strength sports – Odd Haugen

Odd was America’s Strongest Man in 1999, has broken multiple world records, competed, and won national titles in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting, and helped organize...

Dec 15, 2020

In this episode, Tom MacCormick explains exactly how he thinks you should train to build the most muscle possible. He explains what anabolic resistance is and why it means you must change your training strategy to keep growing.

He identifies the three key phases of training, P.B.S. for short: 

Dec 4, 2020

Ray “Cash” Care. Ray is a navy seal veteran who has leveraged his experience and passion to become an expert on self-improvement, team-building, and fitness.

He is the founder of CONQUER, a leadership, and team-building program designed to push you physically, mentally, and emotionally to break through personal...