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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Aug 4, 2021

Sleep is fascinating. We all know it is good for us, and most of us would like to get more, yet, according to research, 43.2% of adults are sleep deprived. That’s almost half the population wandering around like caffeine-addicted zombies with brain fog because of poor sleep

This sleep deprivation is not normal or healthy! 

Reduced sleep duration has been linked to seven of the fifteen leading causes of death in the U.S

Poor sleep will:

Essentially, sleep deprivation will hinder every health, performance, coordination, hormonal, and recovery marker.

This translates to you being unhappy, weaker, fatter, slower, and carrying less muscle mass.

In this episode, I cover what the research on sleep shows and provide you with strategies to improve your sleep.

Sleep is your body’s most powerful recovery tool.

It’s time you started treating it with the respect it deserves. Listen to the show now to find out how.

You can also find this podcast sitting on top of all my other Six Pack of Knowledge podcasts (curated discussions with the greatest hypertrophy experts on the planet).