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The Breaking Muscle Podcast

Dec 4, 2017

Of all the misconceptions that exist in western society, perhaps the hardest to overcome is what aging should look like. This is especially true for women, who face a mountain of cultural nonsense when it comes to their bodies in general, and in particular once they reach age 40.

Amanda Thebe has rejected those societal norms outright. A born natural skeptic and voracious learner, she has turned the breadth and depth of her experience into a formidable set of tools to reach post-menopausal women with physical and mental empowerment.

Amanda sits down with me to give a frank account of how menopause affected her, and reveals that the turning point came when she started reaching out to others about their experiences. She details how she decided to take charge of her circumstances through social support, nutrition, and setting aside time for herself. 

Undeterred by the lack of information out there for women who want to become fitter after 40, she works tirelessly to change the mindset of women when it comes to strength and resistance training, fat loss after menopause, and what aging can, and should, look like. We cover the power of scoring that first win to unlock your potential for progress, how to find balance between getting the work done and listening when your body says to stop, and her advice for women who are struggling with fitness with no athletic background to fall back on.